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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Rules and Liability


The participant is particularly drawn to the following:

- In surfing is a risky sport

- There is an increased risk of injury, both in his own person,

   at third-party

- The customer has the instructions of the instructors directly and unconditionally

   To follow

- At anweisungswidrigem behavior is part of the organizer for either

   Liable persons or for damage to property


Prerequisites are good swimming skills and a certain sporting resilience. The participant expressly declares that there are no medical objections to the practice of the sport of surfing. When possible complaints we recommend their family doctor before departure to contact.


To participate in the camp everyone is entitled, having reached the age of 18. In a minor, the application must be made in writing with the consent of the parent or guardian. This explains the legal guardian for his child responsible enough to take part in the camp. The organizer Kanału Surf House takes over age students no supervisory duties, apart from the statutory safety duties.


Participation in the camp and the surf lessons, as well as the use of all offered services, further the journey and the stay shall be at your own risk, responsibility and expense of the participant.


The Promoter accepts no liability for risks that are inevitably associated with the sport of surfing. The participant takes these risks into account.


Furthermore, the organizer is not liable to damage incurred by the participants during the practice of sport surfing through the fault of another student or third party takes over.


The student assured to be able to swim at least 30 minutes to be physically and mentally in excellent condition and not to suffer from ailments that can be enhanced by the surfing and its typical threats and pressures.


The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to the property of the participants.


The participant shall treat the surf equipment made available to him carefully and properly. The participant is liable for gross negligence, damage and loss.


The participant is required to report service disruptions that occurred immediately to the camp management.


The liability to be holding an event other companies awarded specific performance, so does each company for claims related in the context of individual performance.


Our hand, there is a liability for the conscientious preparation and implementation of the camp.


The Promoter, its shareholders and its staff shall be liable for accidents and accident damages only as far as a Versicherung- without recourse to the above, there are increasing - pay for the damage. Any further liability of the above, there shall be excluded for damage to the student and is accepted by the student for damages to third parties. The disclaimer applies irrespective of the legal basis, at the time of such damages, person causing the damage and the injured, the injury act or fact of the harmful event and their causes and nature.

The organizer is insured against liability.


Registration and payment


Registration can be done electronically via e-mail or in writing. It is carried out by the participant for all participants in application listed, for whose contractual obligation of the applicant as his own obligations. Upon receipt of the registration, the participant will receive the organizer via e-mail a confirmation incl. The deposit amount and account details emailed to you. The registration is only effective when the deposit has been received by the organizer.


Cancellation by the participants


Withdrawal from course participation at any time. This must be in writing. This will come into force with the arrival of the organizer.


Cancellation charges


Cancellation of the booking at any time! This, however, must be in writing and shall enter into force only after the arrival of the letter from the organizer in force. For cancellation up to 40 days before the course starts, we charge a processing fee of € 45.-. For cancellation up to 25 days before the start of the course 35%, with a cancellation up to 10 days before the course starts 75% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged. With not 90% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged. In place of a replacement, we charge a processing fee of € 45.-.


Cancellation by the organizer


The organizer may withdraw at any time by pressing reasons and refunded in this case returns the total paid the price.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the course participation unilaterally at least 4 weeks before the reserved date of the event or course. In this case, the prospects are no further claims, of whatever title, against the Organiser, except for the repayment of payments within 5 banking days after cancellation by the organizer.


The organizer's instructions are to be followed. In disorderly conduct which endangers the reputation or integrity of the participants or the organizer, the student may be excluded by exhortation on the performance. The registration fee is non-refundable in this case.




The participant agrees to receive on conversion or price reduction within a reasonable period provides the organizer in place of his right-defective performance or improve the imperfect performance. Remedy can be done in such a way that the deficiency is corrected, or an equal or better replacement service that is also the explicit consent of the subscriber is provided. The defects must be made at the camp management on site. The operator may refuse remedy if it requires a disproportionate effort. The participant is obliged to cooperate in the occurrence of disruptions in the context of the legal provisions to prevent any damage or keep it smaller. , The participant is obliged to make claims immediately to the local camp management to the knowledge. This is asked to take remedial action, if possible.


Exclusion of Claims and Limitation


The participant must bring claims for lack of travel services and post-impossibilities within one month of completion of the journey to the organizer claims. After that claims may be asserted only if the participant could not meet the deadline above without any fault.




For buying insurance by the participant is responsible. A trip cancellation insurance is not included in the price. The conclusion of a travel insurance package is recommended.

Changes in the event program

Changes can not be excluded. Specifically, it is weather related hazards

the sequence can be changed. A short-term temporal and spatial relocation

training may therefore be necessary.


Assertion of Claims


The participant can claim against the organizer court only

submit to the competent court in Aljezur (Portugal). Portuguese

Law - except the conflict of laws referral rules - apply.


Privacy Policy


Use of our website is usually no indication of personal

Data possible. The collection of any personal data (for example,

Name, address or e-mail address) is collected, this is as far as possible,

on a voluntary basis. This data is without your express consent

not shared with third parties.


We point out that data transmission over the Internet (eg communication

security gaps by e-mail). A complete protection of data against

third party access is not possible.

The use of your data for our own advertising purposes (newsletters) is not

excluded. You can object to this use at any time.

Your e-mail address may be used by us to send you our newsletters

be. If you do not want this, please let us know. A logout

Newsletter at any time.


Severability clause


The ineffectiveness of individual provisions does not justify the ineffectiveness of

Rice contract or the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions

(Terms and Conditions).




For all of the business relationship directly or indirectly arising

Disputes Aljezur, Portugal fulfillment and jurisdiction.




Kanału Surf House assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, currency and completeness

the information listed on the website.

All information without guarantee - Errors and changes excepted.

Kanału Surf House excludes all liability for damages from the use of this

Website arise from. Kanału Surf House reserves the right to make changes

or additions to the website to carry out, without this advance notice.

Kanału Surf House is not responsible for the content of websites which of the above links of

Kanału Surf House website are made to achieve responsible, but excluding

The operators.

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